New Album Release electrocore

The Pleasurepain 2018, photo credit Angus Watson

electrocore by The Pleasurepain, album cover by Pedro

A new 10 track Album by The Pleasurepain is out now and available for Free Here

New Tracks On The Album Include:

“Feeding The Homeless Sushi” – An attack on self promoters who hi-jack the homeless to raise their own social media profiles.

“Vegan Landlord” – A tongue in cheek poke at how a fringe movement went mainstream.

“I Don’t Believe In Yoko” – A song about trying to escape a Cult called Yoko which happens to be the name the singer gives to his Magical Thinking OCD

About The Album
Originally a traditional 5 piece punk band The Pleasurepain have stripped down, regenerated and primed themselves as a 2 piece electronic attack falcon. They have returned to ruffle a few feathers and get you triggered with  new versions of classic tracks and fresh songs, combined into one album… electrocore.

Listen to electrocore here

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