They called it the year that changed the world and in 1989, under the backdrop of the collapsing Soviet Union, Tiananmen Square massacre and the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall The Pleasurepain came into being. Affected by end of the world scenarios, U.S Domination, and having grown up in the shadow of the nuclear age our songs very much reflected the world around us at the time.

Band members had followed groups as diverse as Crass, Anthrax, Depeche Mode, Hawkwind and Voivod to name but a few with our sound fusing elements of punk rock and heavy metal similar to that of the new grunge scene, albeit with a more political slant. Playing numerous gigs on the alternative scene in our home town of Dumbarton and at the now legendary Christies bar in Alexandria we recorded several cassette tapes and a 7″ Vinyl debut on our own label Zombie Records called Dawn Of The Dead.

The record went out at home and in America, Canada, South Africa and Japan, John Peel played it several times and we received good acclaim. A small time New York label became interested and a U.K and U.S tour was on the horizon. However, after several months of promoting the Ep with more gigs band members decided to go their own direction in the summer of 1992.

The band lay dormant for 25 years until it’s reawakening in April of 2017 to record a new single.

“Our music was always punk, with a touch of metal and spaced out keyboards and those influences continue to this day. We hope to release new thought provoking material throughout 2017 and beyond. We might even play some gigs and ruffle a few feathers along the way.”

Please Note: The words and lyrics contained on this website and on all Pleasurepain songs are the sole responsibility of myself and do not necessarily reflect the politics or ideas of any of the musicians ever involved with the band. – Pedro 2017